About Us
who we are

Al Bayader Factory for molasses production was founded in 1998 to manufacture date molasses using the finest quality dates to meet customer service.
We are committed to providing the best competitive product and highly efficient manpower. We are also dependent on the flexibility of the markets and the requirements of the customers through supply and demand. We adopt the international specifications in packaging and distribution to reach the product to the farthest point, keeping in mind a bright future. And all that
With the help of some young Iraqi talent and an elite of engineers with practical and scientific experience and skilled labor through the application of strict standards of control in quality which live up to your taste.
And if you are looking for something special and you want to get excellent quality
Of date molasses, which is characterized by clean and fresh standards and similar in terms of color, size, and shape and above the taste of taste.


We look forward to achieving a clear footprint in the domestic market, and the best available sources of our country’s goods are committed to being the best flavor and pleasure.

And more that the highest efficiency to meet the requirements of the customer that committed.

We are fully aware of the best ways to pump our products in the local and Arabic markets.


Is to make Iraqi dates the first choice in the local and global market and be Market leader with our innovative products and our team which is characterized by enthusiasm and effective performance by attracting and developing the best national expertise and competencies and maintaining its productivity with high efficiency.

Through commitment, contribution and expansion in various social programs, The factory works to satisfy customers and society by offering products and with it’s the serviced distinguished.

And sustain their growth to provide their stakeholders with support to achieve their well-being and prosperity.


We look forward to telling all customers with the best dates, which is characterized by our Arab countries in terms of flavor and quality so that the West recognize the culture of our country and give him an opportunity to know the diversity of our food.

The factory will draw strength from its commitment to its customers and trust them as partners. We look forward to expanding our services and opening new branches to provide better solutions to meet our customers and market demands in Iraq and beyond.


Our factory is determined to grow together with its employees, which necessitates reaching their full potential and improving their standard of living.

Al Bayader also seeks to satisfy the customer and understand its requirements and to facilitate dealing in different ways and find effective ways to promote the product in the best possible ways, whether direct or indirect.

As a factory interested in all opinions about its product, whether praise or blame, is a priority.

The factory satisfies the customer in terms of price, quantity and pleasure as customer satisfaction is our goal.

And is also determined to enter its product strongly in the local and international market with the most efficient standards and methods available to reach the product to a new horizon.