Benefits of date molasses for the body

Benefits of date molasses for the body

It protects the body from toxins and waste, and facilitates digestion. Calms nerves in patients with neurological diseases. Strengthens the liver. Softens stomach, kills intestinal worms. Prevents tooth decay. Increases blood sugar levels. Protects osteoporosis. Improves vision, and protects the eye from dehydration. Lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood. Prevents injury of the body to large bowel cancer. Strengthens muscles and cartilage. Improves acoustic tendons. Protects against Alzheimer’s. Protects the arteries from stiffness; it contains pectin, facilitates the stages of pregnancy and childbirth, fights hemorrhoids, and prevents the formation of stones in the gallbladder. Treatment of anemia. Lin handles bone, rickets. It treats loss of appetite, inflammation of mucous membranes in the oral cavity. Addresses poor memory and concentration. It treats the contraction of blood vessels and the weakness of the general body. It treats many diseases such as scurvy, flu, rheumatism, heart palpitations, dyspnea, eye strain, sexual dysfunction, acidity of the stomach, dry skin, and night sickness.

Some eye problems are treated, such as dryness of the cornea, or night sickness. Reduces cholesterol in the blood, because it contains pectin, protects the body from atherosclerosis, and treats the anemia of those infected with it, by eating a cup of water plus two tablespoons of date molasses daily during the morning. Protects against infection with hemorrhoids because it contains fast digestible fibers and sugars, thus preventing the incidence of large bowel cancer, and facilitates the stages of pregnancy and childbirth. Eliminates the effect of toxins in the body, because it contains sodium, potassium, vitamin C. Prevents tooth decay, because it contains fluorine. It is preferred to eat in cold days, because it warms the body.

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