Benefits of date molasses for the skin

Benefits of date molasses for the skin

Many women use date molasses to treat facial skin and care for it to be engineered on multiple elements. These elements and their benefits include: fatigue, dryness and wrinkles on the face due to exposure to the sun for a long period of time or other causes such as exposure to severe weather conditions It is also used to treat some eye problems, such as dryness of the cornea, or night sickness, and also treats problems around the eyes such as dark circles, due to Contain it Li vitamin A. Dates molasses work on the treatment of certain skin infections, because it contains vitamin niacin. Dates helps to provide the face with essential vitamins and minerals by mixing it with honey and olive oil for ten minutes, and then wash it with warm water and then cold water, in addition to being dissolved with water or used to replace instead of natural sugar helps to fatten the face thin. Helps to unite skin color and hide the effects of dark areas, and treats the pimples on the face or body, and gives the lips a beautiful color, and helps remove wrinkles that appear around the mouth


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