Benefits of molasses dates

Benefits of molasses dates

Dates are a lot of benefits that we can not limit, and the most important benefits that urge us to eat:

1- The use of date molasses in the prevention of cancer of the colon, and cancer of the intestine.

 Contributes to the prevention of hemorrhoids.

2- Debs help reduce the amount of harmful cholesterol in the blood, thus protecting against atherosclerosis because it contains the substance (pectin).

Useful in the dissolution of gallstones gallstones.

3- Helps to fertilize dates in pregnancy, childbirth and puerperia, and to ease the pain of the cycle, and increase milk yield in the breast.

4- Contributes to rid the body of toxins, because it contains potassium, and sodium. This type of depression is used in cases of anemia and treatment of anemia, because it contains the element of iron, vitamin B, and copper.

5- Helps treat osteoporosis, rickets and so on for calcium and phosphorus.

Drosophila is useful in the treatment of problems of weakness of the heart muscle and so enriched with magnesium, copper.

6- Contributes to the prevention of brain cancer, because it contains the element of boron. Helps to treat the lack of appetite.

7- It is used to treat genital problems and sexual dysfunction, and it is enriched with boron, vitamin A.

8- Helps in the treatment of skin problems, and eye problems such as corneal dryness and night blindness.

9- Useful in the treatment of digestive problems. Helps to treat hair problems and fall.

10- It is useful for the treatment of skin infections, so that it can be used to treat Niacin.

11- Date molasses are useful in reducing the acidity of the stomach, so that it is rich in chlorine, potassium, and sodium.

Helps treat scurvy. It can be used to treat the problems of teeth and gums for its vitamin C.