Frequently Asked Questions!

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What is AlBayader different from other companies?

The company is distinguished from other companies with the following components:

  1. Experience in the production of date processing and canning equipment, 22 years ago. It is keen on the quality and performance of its products, through its policy of continuous development.
  2. Her long experience in providing scientific studies and appropriate solutions to the problems of planting palm trees and fruit stages
  3. Implementation of many mega projects in the field of the establishment of plants for the packing of dates and the production of derivatives.

What is the warranty period offered by a company for its date-packing equipment?

The company guarantees all the rights of the customers who benefit from its products who find faults in the misuse of these mechanisms and not the misuse, which reflects the direct damage to the performance of the mechanisms and their specifications and production capacity by replacing the damaged part of the mechanism or replacing the mechanism fully if called The need for this new, free from defects and suitable for use according to specifications and production capacity, so that this guarantee is valid for two years from the date of delivery of the mechanisms to customers, and the company ensures all the engines used in the equipment for three Three years from the date of installation, operation and delivery of equipment.

Does AlBayader maintain its equipment within the warranty period?

Yes, the company performs periodic maintenance every three months during the warranty period at its own expense and sends technicians within three days from the date of the occurrence of an emergency, if notified by the customer to this holiday and under an electronic letter addressed to the management of the company in the United States of America The company shall bear all expenses as long as the warranty is valid.

How much does AlBayader charge for repair work and repair after warranty period?

The company has usually provided a post-warranty maintenance program, a three-year maintenance contract involving nine periodic maintenance operations every four months and three days, compared to 25% of the value of equipment less than US $ 75,000.00. Equipment of less than $ 150,000.00, the company shall receive 20% of the value of the equipment, while the company shall receive 15% of the value of the equipment less than half a million dollars. The company shall receive 10% of the value of the equipment in excess of Half a million dollars.

What is the source of the production requirements adopted by Al-Bayader Company to manufacture its lines?

The production center of the company has adopted the designs of the engineering designs sent to him by the engineering department in the general administration of the company according to his instructions for the approved or modified standard in terms of production capacity, taking into account the conditions of contracting with the customer. The production center adopts stainless steel (304) Forming all production lines, this metal is imported from many European and East Asian factories, adhering to the quality and quality standards of metal.

The center also uses high performance engines made in the largest Turkish factories. These engines are capable of working without interruption for long periods of time without being affected by any external factors or other mechanical or electrical factors. Gear Box The Turkish production center is used to control the speed of engines according to need. The company’s production center uses digital control panels to control and control the equipment completely, and from various sources such as the European Common Market, Japan and Taiwan.

Can AlBayader add a future expansion of the lines sold?

Yes, a future expansion of production lines can be done to increase the production capacity by 25% at a small cost not exceeding 5% of the basic value of the equipment. For example, a laundry, sterilization and drying line with a production capacity of 300 kg per hour, with a basic value of 96,500.00 USD Advance).

After adjustment, it will produce 375 kg per hour, at a cost of US $ 4,825.00.

How long does it take to manufacture and deliver lines?

The delivery time of the equipment varies depending on the volume of the equipment in terms of production capacity and the number of production lines, but the delivery period is usually not less than 30 days and not more than 270 days from the date of the contract

How does Al Bayader Company provide services to solve palm growing problems?

A representative from the company visits the farm to check the problems, identify them, write detailed data on the farm’s problems, and send the data to the head office of the company in the United States to study these problems and report their appropriate scientific solutions within 24 hours from the date of sending the data.

Does AlBayader offer free services to its customers?

Yes, the company provides many free services without charge, and these services, but not limited to:

  1. Provide training courses for the technicians of the factory implemented by the company in the field of equipment operation, maintenance and risks.
  2. Provide expertise in the work of chemical sterilization chambers in the factory.
  3. Providing experience in storing and cooling raw and packed dates.
  4. Provide non-structural engineering plans, showing the newly created factory requirements from manufacturing, storage and sterilization halls for dates, management rooms, workers and reception.
  5. Provide engineering plans and consumption statement for distribution of electricity, water and sanitation.